Camping on the Lake

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I spent all last week on the shores of Lake Chelan, in Eastern Washington. We were out of cell range with no internet, and no distractions. I spent the week playing on the boat and jet skis (next year I'm going to try to ski behind the big jet ski), kicked back by the fire, enjoying the kids, or just roasting in the sun. And yes, once you cross the mountains and leave Seattle behind, Washington summers are hot and sunny =).

I made lots of food too. Before we left, I made three batches of seitan; Italian Sausage, Andouille and regular hot dogs. We had chili dogs with lots of nacho sauce, andouille ka-bobs, black beans & rice with cilantro pesto and lots of tacos. My sister made corn salsa, which I will post in the near future. There's nothing like good food and good company.



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  1. tofufreak Says:
  2. sounds like you had lots of good eats while camping!

    addin' you to the blogroll!

  3. Matt Says:
  4. Thanks. Family gatherings are all about the food. It was plentiful, good and heathy. And I got a lot of good response on my seitan. It was a good trip =)


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