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Monday, October 6, 2008

I set out yesterday to make a masala sauce that was healthy and vegan. The tasty approach would be to substitute cream with coconut milk. The healthy approach would be to use silken tofu. I took the healthy path. I cut down on the margarine, add some ground cashews for creaminess and, of coarse, blended tofu I simmered some zucchini wedges in the sauce, which was a addition. It tasted OK, but lacking. I took a few pics, in case I decided to post an in-progress recipe. When I looked at the pics, my decision was quick. The Zucchini Masala looked more like a swampy red sludge with drifting logs of zucchini.

Instead, I present a pic that I rather like: Corny Cornbread Muffins.


These are a work in progress too. I took my favorite cornbread muffins and replaced the eggs with flax. They taste even better, but I need to play a bit more with the flax quantity. My notes also say add some nutritional yeast, but I've no idea why I'd do that.

I will post both of these one day soon . . . but not this day.



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