Veganmofo starts ... um ... Yesterday!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I thought I'd take this time to do some overdue housekeeping. My trip down Veg*n boulevard started a couple years ago when I decided to 'cut down' on meat. I went vegetarian last year around Thanksgiving. My kids followed suit a few months later, a source of beaming pride by the way. I stopped eating cheese about 2 months ago and have been playing with eggless cooking about the same time.

My cooking has been vegan for almost the entire life of this blog. My language has not. I still think in terms of 'butter,' 'milk' and even 'sausage.' I've gotten some questions lately about whether I mean butter or Earth Balance, etc. Further, this could become confusing to someone wishing to become vegan. So I've decided to fix the lingo. From here on out my blog will read just as vegan as my cooking.

I'll be going back and editing past entries in the near future. My goal is to finish this month so I can blow two veganmofo entries on the subject. OK, two down and 18 to go.



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