My Baby's Growing Up!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My wife and I went to dinner Saturday night. I told the kids I'd get them a pizza and my middle one decided she wanted to do some "actual cooking." So, on January 10, 2009 she made her first bechamel. I think this ranks up there with first step, first word and first kiss, well, I've still got ten or twenty years before she starts thinking about boys =)

So, I walked her through a simple mac and cheese. She boiled some veggies with pasta. "I know what al dente is, dad!" she sighed. She melted butter, made a roux. She pulled it off the heat and stirred in the milk, heated it 'til it thickened. Maybe not enough, it was a bit thin, but she'll live and learn. She stirred in the cheese and a bit of mustard and miso, stated it, added a bit more salt. And Done!

I was so proud. If I could find her baby book, this would definitely be in there.

Her First Bechamel

Like me, she was a hearty meat eater. She even asked for meat from Santa each year. Soon after my wife and I cut out meat, all of our three kids got together and decided to go vegetarian too. The older two watched Meet Your Meat, even though I told them they didn't want to, and made the choice on their own. When I started cutting out dairy and eggs, she started talking about veganism. She's learning about vegan baking and we're working on making healthy, ethical dietary choices.

Its a fine thing when you can slow down and take notice of the little things your kids do. When you can look at them and know that they are great kids and they are on the road to becoming fine adults. I had one of those moments, and just wanted to share it.



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  1. That's such a lovely story and the Mac N' Cheez looks YUM!

  2. Andy Fadich Says:
  3. 10 or 20 years? Haha, try 10 or 20 months! She already is a better cook than me!

  4. You could just ask where her babybook is.


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