Tofu Reuben on Hearty German-Style Bread

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yesterday was a confluence of ideas and requests. My wife was working out with a friend, so I was to make two dinners, one early for the kids, and alter for the adults.

My girls were introduced to hush puppies a couple weeks ago and have been begging for them ever since. I made them hush puppies and sammiches. I rarely deep fry anything, so, while I had the oil out, I decided to whip up some pakora batter and fry up some zucchini and mushrooms to go with the baked sweet potato fries, a perfect complement to the lady's health conscious efforts. I also make tofu Rueben sandwiches piled high with tofu, cabbage and thousand island dressing.

German Seed Bread

German Style Seed Bread
Alisa posted this bread on her blog: One Frugal Foodie. Her blog is dairy free and usually include vegan alternatives. She's got some yummy bread and baking recipes.

The German Bread is a no knead and looked pretty good. I ended up swapping some of flour (1 1/2 cups rye, 1 1/2 cups white and 2 1/2 cups whole wheat) and used 1/2 cup crushed flax and 1/4 cup sunflower seeds. This recipe made a dense, heavy and very filling bread. But in a good way. It was delicious and hearty and easy.

Tofu Reuben Sandwich

Tofu Reuben Sandwich
I've seen a couple of tofu Reuben sandwiches pop around the ether, and I wanted to try something a bit different. Corned beef is a brined meat, and tofu is naturally absorptive, so I decided to brine the tofu in corned beef spices for a couple of days. The brine was perfect, but didnt' soak into the tofu as much as I wanted. The sandwiches were good, especially on the fresh bread, but the tofu needs some tinkering. Maybe next time, I'll have a winner.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries
These were another work in progress. I baked them in oil, brown sugar, cumin, cilantro and lime juice, but they came out soggy. I think I've got to find a way to introduce the lime juice without turning them to mush. The taste was great though, so they're worth some additional effort.

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  1. Susan G Says:
  2. How 'bout squeezing the lime juice over the finished product? Or adding lime zest to the coating mix?

  3. Erin Says:
  4. I just recently found your blog, and have enjoyed catching up. All you recipes look great! I will definitely be reading from now on.

  5. Freeze and thaw the tofu, slice (or slice before freezing) and press all the liquid out. THEN marinate. It's gonna soak up all sorts of goodness... though it's a lot of planning ahead and seriously, who thinks to do that? (Well, OK, I suppose you do. But I'm usually not nearly so organised.)

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. another option here might be to dry-fry the tofu, THEN marinate it. if you've not done this - it's a great technique, and the tofu soaks up flavor like no one's business!

    terrific blog, by the way


  8. Anonymous Says:
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  10. Anonymous Says:
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