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Friday, May 7, 2010

After a whirlwind March & April, I think I can start dedicating some time to my blog again.  Through the ordeal, I have found some time for cooking, but I will have to dust off my camera.  I've made a Biryani and some Mango Chutney ... and my wife's birthday is coming up, so I see some Indian food in my future.  I've done a lot of quickie food:  tempeh sloppy joes, stupid-easy microwave gravy, bulgur & beans taco filling and a couple of salad dressings and a poblano nacho sauce.  So I'll be rolling these and other posts out soon enough.  Thanks to everyone for sticking with me.

And, for a visual reference of my year-to-date, here's the tree that tried to fall on my house:

falling tree

Here's some other personal highlights of last couple of months:

Family - My teenage son decided that, after a three year hiatus, he could still skateboard.  He's diligent (or stubborn), if nothing else, and kept skating, even after he fell and broke his elbow in two places.  He's on the mend now, but I have to remind him daily not to fall.
Trees - A tree fell on my house.  Well, almost.  Actually a tree fell, and a giant bough caught on one of my garden beds and suspended the tree, diagonally, over the top of my house.  We were lucky, or the fates are teasing us.
Yard - We've also put tons of work into the yard, building 3 brick and 3 wood garden beds, hauled in 10 yards of dirt for garden and grass and a few other projects.  And, now, the grass is beginning to grow.  Exciting!
Work - At work, I've been swamped.  I've implemented a new database, integrated it with the accounting software, prepared for our annual audit and submitted a huge grant for a housing project.  Whe Fed-Ex'ed three copies of the grant, and it weighted 13 pounds.  Does anyone still remember the Paperwork Reduction Act?

And a copy of last year's grant application:




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  1. Chris Says:
  2. Glad you're back!


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