Umami Broth

Sunday, October 25, 2015

This is a vegan replacement for many Asian fish-based broths.  It's a quick and easy broth.  Konbu gives it a nice from the sea flavor and joins with shiitake to add a lot of umami flavor.  It's perfect for any Korean broth with their love of garlic.  For Japanese or Chinese, I will subtract a couple cloves of garlic and add an inch of ginger.  Also, this broth has no added salt.  It is often the base for soups or sauces with miso, soy sauce or other high salt foods.  It is important to for these recipes to start with a low salt base.

Umami Broth
4 cups water
5 cloves garlic
2 stalks celery
3 stalks green onions
2 dried shiitake mushrooms
1 sheet konbu (a little smaller than a nori sheet)
1 bay leaf

Optional:  1 inch ginger, only 3 cloves garlic.

Combine all ingredients and bring to a boil.  Simmer for 30 minutes.  Strain through a mesh strainer.  Squeeze out the liquid in the mushrooms and discard the solids.  If you don't simmer for more than 30 minutes, there is little need to strain through cheesecloth.  If you cook it too long the konbu will start to disintegrate and make the broth more cloudy.  Add enough water to make 3 cups of broth.

3 Servings:  29 (1 g protein, 7g carbs, 1g protein)

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