Biscuits and Gravy

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunday we had biscuits and gravy again. I've discovered that VeganDad's Breakfast Sausages are perfect for gravy. I make a batch, steamed in tin foil, and then fry them in water and maple syrup. Half gets chopped in saved for gravy. The other half gets served on the side. The syrup adds a perfect sweetness to the gravy.

I made the first batch with skim milk and it turned out perfectly. This batch was made with plain soy milk and it was a bit sweet, but still very good. Next time I'll use unsweetened soy milk.

9/26/08 Edit - I use unsweetened soy milk for my white sauces. The flavor doesn't interfere with sauces like plain does. Also, I minced the sausage, instead of chopping it for this pic. You could also run it through a blender.

Biscuits & Gravy

Country Gravy
1/2 batch VeganDad's Breakfast Sausage
2 tbs water
2 tbs maple syrup

4 tbs Butter
1/4 cup Flour
1 quart unsweetened soy milk
1 small onion, halved
salt and pepper to taste

Prepare and steam the sausages as directed. When done, remove the links from the foil, chop or mince, and fry in 2 tbs each of maple syrup and water, until the moisture has cooked off and the sausages have browned a bit. Remove and set aside.

Meanwhile, pour soy milk and a small onion into a saucepan. Bring just to a simmer and reduce heat to keep warm. Do not allow to boil. Discard the onion before using.

Melt the margarine in another sauce pan and add the flour. Cook, stirring frequently for a few minutes, until the roux browns slightly. Remove from heat and whisk in the warm soy milk. Return to heat and add the sausages and salt and pepper liberally to taste. Continue simmering to desired consistency.

5 Servings: 272 calories (12g fat, 24g carbs, 18g protein)

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