Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well, I've started a blog.

I'm Matt. I'm married with three kids. I grew up in a home where cooking and eating was the thread that unified people, places and days. The family matriarch, Grandma Louise, was born in Italy, emegrated to Croatia, then to Oregon/Washington. Her passion for food was passed to my dad, from my dad on to me and I am trying to kindle that passion on to my kids. My middle one is definately a foodie in the making.

I love to cook to play and experiment. I scour the internet for ideas or tricks and blend them into something new. Nothing is ever my own and few things are wholely plagiarized. I have great respect for a number of bloggers and posters and I try to give credit where it is truly deserved. My heritage is definately Italian, but I also enjoy Mexican/Yucatan, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern; pretty much anything from the Tropic of Cancer to Capricorn. My kids don't much like spicy hot, so a good curry is usually relegated to special treat status.

Plating is new to me and I'm not much of a photographer so, as far as food porn goes, I've got lots of room for improvement. If you see a picture you like, It's most likely my wife, I'll make sure and thank her. Otherwise, I'm learning here :)

Finally, I started transitioning away from meat last summer. I never thought I could give up pancetta or prosciutto. It turns out, I didn't give up anything. I've been vegetarian since last November and I don't miss a thing. New doors have openned up and I cook with more variety than ever before. I'm currently beginning to cut out dairy and eggs (maybe never completely, who knows), so much of what I cook is also vegan or easilly veganized.

Well, that's me. A family guy who likes to cook ... and is always on the look out for a new guinea pig, so comments are always welcome.



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  1. Carolyn Says:
  2. A like-minded soul, you appear to be! I became a vegetarian over 15 years ago and 6 months ago began the transition to vegan (but am not there yet). I admire all of our bloggers who are trying to balance worldviews with family-raising; I know it can be hard when there are persnickety kids involved.

    I had the same experience when I started eating vegetarian; new doors opened up. Rather than limiting my diet, vegetarian eating expanded my diet. How to communicate that to meat-eaters who feel threatened by this transition is another challenge altogether...

  3. Alex Says:
  4. Hi Matt! I discovered your blog recently and have read it in its entirety. I love your recipes, and I've noticed the photography improving through the course of the blog.

    Keep blogging. I'm reading and enjoying.


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