Daiya Day 2: Pizza

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yesterday, I posted a plate of nachos that I made with Daiya Cheddar cheese. Today, I made pizza using the Daiya Italian Style (Mozzarella) Cheese. LIke the cheddar, it looks and feels much much more like a block of cheese than other analogs. It's not soft and mushy nor hard and plastic-y. I also thought it had better flavor, maybe sweeter but still with a mild, mozzy taste.

On pizza, it is amazing. I had a container of green olives brined with hot peppers. I added some chopped onions and the Yves pepperoni leftover from the girls' pizza. I put cheese beneath the toppings and sprinkled some on top. At first I was disappointed because the cheese on top didn't appear to melt. I was so wrong. It appears to have a thin, hard film, but beneath that is melty cheesy goodness. It behaved a lot like real cheese. In fact, at one point, I was watching an olive, clinging to a strand of cheese as the cheese stretched to hold the olive. It was brilliant. Seriously, I wept.

So, if you can find some Daiya cheese. I would definitely give it a try. For pizza, keep it beneath the toppings and, whatever you do, expect a thin crust and a gooey cheezy center. For the first time in years, it's got me wanting a pan of 'chicken' parmesan and, ohh, the pizza.

Review Part I: Nachos & Cheddar

And speaking of seitan, I've got one package of Chicken Seitan left. I think I'll make some nuggets.

Daiya Pizza

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  1. Catherine Says:
  2. Found your blog through Tofu Mom -- your vegan pizza looks awesome! I also enjoyed your "stealing Daiya" story -- fantastic! How many times have I almost done that? Too many.

  3. Ooooh yummy!


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