Last night, I left with my boy to meet up with his grandpa. We live 8 hours apart so, when the kids visit, we try to meet half way. We were to meet in The Dalles (just east of West The Dalles), in the Columbia River Gorge. I had been reading a lot about Daiya cheese and was excited to try some. I intended to stop in Portland, but wasn't excited about being downtown during rush hour. I did, however stumble upon a small vegan market in Hood River, a tiny town east of Portland and just west of The Dalles. This was perfect.

I got a little lost getting there. Google Maps completely failed me. I had to call for directions. I finally arrived shortly before closing. It was a wonderful experience. I has a delightful conversation with the owner (I presume), a long time vegan. She caught wind of Daiya through her friendship with Turtle Island Foods, the makers of Tofurkey, also in Hood River. She uses it on their pizza and nachos. Her review included the statement "all I eat is nachos now." She broke away to print up some cheese recipes for me, including a feta that I'm excited about. With cheese and recipes in hand, we talked a little more and I left. . . without paying. I stole the cheese. So, I've got to call this morning and 'fess up.

I wandered the store a bit, and it's a perfect stop off spot. They were closing up, but she did mention pizza and internet reviews suggested the best smoothies and banana ice cream. They also had salads and lots of dressing, an intriguing hazelnut spread, some organic produce, etc. And most of what I saw looked home made. I will be marking this spot for future trips through the gorge.

So, if you're driving down I-84, this is a great place to stop for road munchies. It's just off exit 64. Call for directions, though. Google doesn't know where it is. And bring your walled. She doesn't need anyone else ripping her off.

Mother's Market
106 Highway 35, Hood River Oregon 97031

And on to the cheese . . .

Daiya Nachos

I bought some cheddar and some italian blend. The first thing I noticed was that it feels and grates like real cheese. It's not soft and mushy like FYH and it doesn't grate into a near liquid pulp, but into a pile of grated cheese. I microwaved it on some nacho chips and it melted. Fast! In about 20 seconds it was done and it looked like more time would have scorched it. Then I tasted it. It's chewy and stringy, like cheese. It felt a little processed, but definitely better than Teese or Follow Your Heart. The taste wasn't bad either, not the best, but good.

Overall, I'm glad I bought it and wish I'd bought more. OK, 'bought' may be a bit strong, but you get the picutre. I'm looking forward to pizza tonight.

Review Part II: Pizza

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  1. Jenn Says:
  2. That's a great story! I dig daiya.

  3. I tried some of the "Italian" (the white one) this morning. It was really good.

  4. Yay for Daiya! It's the best on pizza and nachos. So good.

    And what a deal at that price. ;)

  5. DJ Karma Says:
  6. I'll have to look for that, I haven't tried it yet!

  7. Hahahahaha!
    Looking forward to seeing your feta.

  8. Anna Says:
  9. I went to Mothers Market a few years back when I visited Oregon and loved their Pizza. I came away with a few goodies from the store and they were so friendly and helpful. When I get back to Oregon I intend to go there again for sure.

    Hope they were ok about the stolen cheese! lol


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