Vegan Po Boy

Saturday, February 6, 2010

We'll be hosting a Super Bowl party tomorrow.  So, last week, I started scanning the internet for cajun cooking ideas (go Saints!!).  During my search, I stumbled upon this video of a New Orleans' classic:  Parasol's Po Boy sandwich.  It's a giant sandwich with shredded lettuce & tomato and pickles & mayo and piles gravy soaked meat.  I thought, "I can make that."

I started by making two fat Italian baguette loaves.  Then I sliced a couple roasts of beefy seitan razor thin, then simmered it in this delicious gravy.  The video started with nasty, unseasoned, boiled cow, and added a potent garlicy gravy.  But since I don't know how to make nasty, unflavored seitan, I stuck with my suculent, beef flavored seitan and used a smooth, less potent gravy.  I piled it on the baguette with some vegenaise, lettuce, tomato and pickle and served it with some collard greens and chips.  It was heaven on a bun or, more accurately, heaven dripping down my arm.

Until next time, GO SAINTS.

Vegan Po Boy

Vegan Po Boy

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  1. manya Says:
  2. that looks so tasty - wow!

  3. OMGosh! This looks so awesome!!!!
    I haven't gotten really good with making seitan still scares I am hoping to make some seitan tomorrow wish me luck!!

  4. Michal Says:
  5. Wow this looks amazing. Gorgeous picture too!

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. That looks amazing. Mostly I'm impressed with the bread.

  8. Please post the recipe and technique you used for the bread. I cannot find good po' boy bread around here.


  9. Claryn Says:
  10. I am all over this. I've been eating banh mi like nobody's business lately, and this looks delicious!


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