Vegan Stuffing Cubes

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I did a little (very little, actually) poking around, and I wasn't able to find any stuffing cubes I knew to be vegan.  It seems bakeries toss together their day old bread, so your favorite baguette is probably still mixed with some milk-enriched wheat or, at least a little egg wash.  And the commercial varieties I looked at seemed to have  possibly vegan/possibly not dough conditioners.  Why do you need a conditioner to make stale bread?  The good news is, stuffing cubes are easy to make and you can use your favorite vegan bread, whatever that may be.

On a side note, I'll be doing the drawing for a copy of American Vegan Kitchen this weekend, so If you haven't signed up, just leave a comment on this post.  There's over 90 comments so far and, I'm betting we can get to a hundred!

Vegan Stuffing Cubes

Cut a one pound loaf of bread and cut into slices (if necessary), then stack the slices and cut each stack lengthwise and widthwise.  TaaDaa, Cubes!  Now, to dry them out, just arrange the cubes in a single layer on a cookie sheet and bake them at 300 degrees 30-40 minutes, tossing every ten minutes, or so.  I bake at 300 degrees because I want to dry the cubes out without toasting them, but a hotter oven will do it faster, just be more attentive.

I did a little before and after weighing, and the bread I used (homemade, but stupid-easy no knead bread) lost about 1/3 of its weight from baking.  So, a pound of bread makes about 10 oz of croutons.  Now, go forth and make tons of yummy vegan stuffing.

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  1. Erin Says:
  2. Brownberry makes a vegan stuffing. But even so, homemade is so much better!


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